What’s Happening?

What’s happening?

Annual Events

Witch Walk: Every Halloween we come together in our costumes, and put on spooky tunes to go for a walk around our school grounds. Our senior girls are paired with our Junior classes to help and encourage them on the way. The Infant classes finish the day with a Devilish Disco to show off their dance moves, as well as their costumes.

Santa Dash: Before Christmas, we set up a huge obstacle course in our hall and each class is allocated a time slot. The girls in the younger classes complete the obstacle course for fun and the older classes take part in team challenges and time trials.

St. Patrick’s Day Ceilí: During our PE in the spring term, we explore different types of dances and creative movement. Each class also learns an Irish Dance to perform at a ceilí for St. Patrick’s Day. We also take part in free style dancing to Irish music such as Riverdance and traditional music.

Parents Association Easter Sponsored Walk: At Easter, we come together with our families and friends, to go for a walk in Donadea Forest. We really enjoy meeting the families, siblings and pets of our friends.

Sports Day: When the weather becomes nicer, we really look forward to our sports day. Our Sports Day is a lovely, non-competitive day in which we take part in races, and other activities just for fun! At the end of the day, our senior girls take on the staff in a game of rounders, which can at times become very competitive, with the rest of the pupils cheering loudly for the team of students.

Active Schools Week: In 2017, we ran our first annual Active Schools Week. A 1km loop of the school is mapped out. Each class walked the route every day for the week. Different activities such as jumping jacks and squats were signposted along the route for us to complete as a class group. We also complete ‘Active Homework’ instead of written homework for Active Schools Week. Click to see what we are doing for Active Schools week in 2018