After School Activities 2023 / 2024

Guitar Club

6th class teacher, Ms Walsh, will be starting a guitar lessons club after school from the 20th September –  25th October. It will be open to children from 4th-6th class. Each child will be asked to bring their own guitar!


Monday classes: 

The first class will take place tomorrow (Monday the 18th Sept) from 2.30pm-3.30pm. 

Wednesday classes:

The first class will take place (Wednesday the 20th Sept) from 2.30pm-3.30pm.

Lessons will run for 6 weeks. The final week of this block of lessons will end the week of the Mid-Term (Week of the 23rd of October). 

Please ensure your daughter has her guitar in school on the day of her lesson. They can bring their guitars up to my room (room 7) first thing in the morning so I can tune the guitars for them before class that afternoon. 

Please contact Ms. Walsh for any further details – (please do not contact the school office in relation to this)

Sports Club

Club Time: Thursday 2.30pm-3.35pm

1 Child: €70.00
2 Children: €130

Places are limited so please email us at to sign up to the class. (Please do not contact the main office).
Please include your child’s name, class, existing medical conditions and emergency contact number

Mr. Stritch & Mr. Nerney