What’s happening in our Active School?

Active Sitting Pilot
We are always trying to think of innovative ways to reduce the amount of sedentary time in our school days, so we have signed up for the Active Sitting Pilot Project, which is part of the Active Schools Initiative. Stability balls and stands will be used alongside chairs for pods in Ms Nerney’s 3rd class, Ms Shine’s 4th Class and Ms Sheehan’s 5th class after the Easter holidays to promote Active Sitting, With active sitting, the upper body is free and self-supported and has to balance itself. Abdominal and back muscles are engaged, which strengthens core muscles, improves posture and reduces tensions. Feet and legs are also in motion, which stimulates circulation. Shoulders and chest are open, making it easy to breathe deeply and can help improve concentration. This has been found to be effective in classrooms in Finland and we are excited to see the benefits In Scoil Bhríde.

Couch to 5K
Coming soon…

GAA Coaching
This year John Doran has provided football coaching to our Junior Infants-2nd class. We are having great fun developing our fundamental movement skills through the GAA games and are getting fit and healthy!


Annual Events

Witch Walk:
Every Halloween we come together in our costumes, and put on spooky tunes to go for a walk around our school grounds. This year each class watched separately to keep us all safe. The Infant classes finish the day with their own Devilish Disco to show off their dance moves, as well as their costumes.

On Friday 23rd of October, the children dressed up for Halloween. Our classes took part in Spooky Walks and Spooky Halloween Discos. The girls really enjoyed dressing up and having a day of being active and having fun!

Santa Dash:
The active advent calendar culminated in a Santa Dash around the school. Each class did their own Santa Dash this year to keep us safe.
We had great fun on our Santa Dash around the school on December 18th.

St. Patrick’s Day Ceilí:
During our PE in the spring term, we explore different types of dances and creative movement. Each class also learns an Irish Dance to perform at a ceilí for St. Patrick’s Day. We also take part in free style dancing to Irish music such as Riverdance and traditional music. We had great fun at our outdoor Ceilí this year.