Running Initiatives

Couch to 5K

Our 6th class girls complete the Couch to 5km program in their final term with us here in Scoil Bhríde. This year our girls will do a workshop on the importance of exercise and physical fitness beforehand, in which they will write a letter to themselves outlining their personal goals. The girls will train in school 3 afternoons a week, gradually building up their fitness and we will mark the end of the challenge by completing a Park Run in June.


Run Around Europe Challenge

We have been putting our 1km loop around the school to good use this year, by completing the Run around Europe challenge. Each class are going running at least once a week and Ms. May’s 6th class are calculating how far we have run as a school in total. So far we are at Lisbon, and are excited to see how much further we can get before the Easter holidays.