Parent Teacher Meetings 2021

We will hold our Parent Teacher Meetings online using Microsoft Teams. Some teachers are starting their meetings on Monday 8th November. The meetings are spread out over the next two weeks to ensure good broadband connectivity. Please ensure you have booked your parent teacher meeting slot on the Aladdin app. The meetings will last 10 mins each. Once a parent has booked his/her slot, the teacher will send a link for you to join the meeting closer to the time. Parents will need to have the Microsoft Teams app downloaded to their phone/device in advance of the meeting. (Please see attached document on how to access a Teams meeting). As with all confidential meetings there are protocols that must be followed:

  1. The meeting is for Parents/Guardians of the designated child only.
  2. The child should not be present as sensitive issues may arise.
  3. We ask parents to choose a quiet neutral venue where they will not be disturbed. Any persons present at the meeting should be visible to the camera.
  4. Parents must confirm that they are participating in a private setting, without the possibility of being over-heard or recorded.
  5. No electronic recordings or screenshots of the meeting are allowed, as teacher images and details are personal data and protected by GDPR.
  6. The meeting link is a private link and should not be shared with others.
  7. The meeting will last 10 mins and will be terminated at the end of this time slot.
  8. After your PTM is finished the teacher will have to end the meeting straight away, as another parent will be in the virtual waiting room, waiting for their slot. Should the teacher require more time with you or you with them, another meeting time can be organised.
  9. Please be on time, click on the link at least 2 minutes before your slot time. Although you will be placed in the waiting room until the teacher admits you, being ready and in the waiting room will allow you to have the full benefit of your ten minutes.
  10. What if you are late and miss your slot? In this event the teacher cannot admit you later, as the slots are all allocated. You will have to email the teacher to arrange an alternative meeting.

The following protocol is proposed for situations where a parent will not be attending or who have not attended the Parent/Teacher meeting and who seek a report on their daughter’s progress.

  • An attempt will be made to arrange one other meeting if requested by the parents. If the parent does not attend this meeting no additional meeting times will be offered.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to our agreed protocols.