Room 19 – Ms Carberry

We are having a lot of fun in Junior Infants. We have been working hard too! Take a step inside our classroom...You will meet us and  see just some of the things we have been doing!

First of all, come and meet our class.

Ms. Carberry is so proud of us already!

Here we are on our very first day of school. Our parents and guardians walked  us into our classroom. Ms. Carberry even met some of our Grannys! Once we were settled they left and we chose something to play with.

We have been learning lots of songs and nursery rhymes! One of our favourites is Humpty Dumpty. We had to put Humpty Dumpty back together again with glue and plasters!!

As each day goes by, we are enjoying playing with our friends, old and new,  in Room 19.

I am special, I am me,

There's no one else I'd rather be,

No none looks the way I do,

I have noticed that it's true,

No one walks the way I walk,

No one talks the way I talk,

No one plays the way I play,

No one says the things I say,

I am special, I am me,

There's no one else I'd rather be!

We painted our self portrait.

Do you recognise us?

Ms. Carberry brought in a Me bag.

She had six things in the bag that told us something about her.

We had to bring in five things for our very own Me bag.

We had to show and tell the class what was in our Me bags and why.

We are really getting to know each other.

We decorated our Me bags...we hope you like them.

We listened to the story of the Owl Babies. Look at our beautiful picutures. Can you spot Sarah, Percy and Baby Bill?

We are really enjoying our Aistear stations. We are working on the Home and Family. Here are just some photos of us at work!

Our Home

Lego - Building Homes

Look at the different rooms in our  homes. One of the houses has two hot tubs!!

We did Junk Modelling. We made houses and did lots of cutting and sticking. One of the houses has a pool! Some houses have secret passageways. One of the houses has an elevator for people in wheelchairs!