Room 11 – Mr Stritch

We had a lot of fun using Oreos to recreate the phases of the moon. The biggest challenge in this experiment was to resist the urge to eat! 🍪

We had a lot of fun during Maths week. A big thanks to Ms. Young for organising all of the activities. We went on a Maths trail, took part in a Maths eyes competition where we tried to get the best picture of maths in our environment and got the chance to do fun maths stations in the hall with some helpful sixth class! The week before we also tried to make rounding a little more fun by using chalk on the yard. Have a look below to see how we got on 😊
We were so fortunate to get the opportunity to do 5 classes of Karate here in school. The sessions were brilliant and it was clear the girls really enjoyed them.
We had a lot of fun making Halloween bunting for the classroom. The girls were very creative and used everything from paint, pastels and fabric to make their masterpieces. The following week we made Halloween silhouettes. First, they either cut out or designed their Halloween images and then stuck them on to A3 card. Next, they painted over their work and then removed the image revealing the Halloween silhouette underneath. They turned out excellent 🎃👻🦇
The Halloween costumes were fantastic in room 11! The witches walk around the school was really enjoyable. It was a great day and a nice way to finish up before the Halloween break 🔙🔜