2023-24 Challenges

Olympic Brain Breaks: November 13 – December 8

As part of our Active School Flag renewals we participated in the 4-week, ‘Active Break Every Day’ challenge for 2023.

This challenge emphasises participation, inclusion and FUN.

The Active School Flag partnered with Olympic Federation of Ireland and their Dare to Believe Schools Programme for these Active Breaks initiative.

Our students loved seeing Team Ireland Olympic athletes on short video clips, that challenged them in their Olympic Field. We took part in a short Olympic Break every day for 4 weeks. Our ASL kept track of the classes progress and we displayed the leader board in our Active School Area to remind us to take an Active Break every day!

Active Advent

We continued on from our Team Ireland Olympic Breaks with our Active Advent Initiative. We had an Active Break a Day in December as we counted down for Christmas. We created a Powerpoint with fun Christmas Themed Active Breaks. These included dance breaks, Active Walkway challenges, Christmas Movie runs, and our personal favourite “The Floor is Grinches”. You can download the Active Advent Powerpoint here to try some at home!