Room 14 – Ms Doyle

The girls had such a fantastic time at the book fair. It was a great chance for us to practice our money skills. We are so excited for all the new books that we are getting in the school library as a result of the fair. Thank you to Ms Johnson for organising it!

Our class is taking part in the Incredible Edibles healthy eating project. We completed task 1 exploring food origin. We participated in a webinar, investigated the origin of the food in our lunch boxes and much more!!!

We are learning about time using both the digital and analog clock. To help us master this tricky concept we made our own clock which we then used as a maths aid during our lessons on time.

We had a non uniform day where we dressed up in red/ pink for Valentine's Day. It was a nice treat for the girls to be able to wear their own clothes to school the day before the holidays. We even complete some Andy Warhol pop art hearts for the day that was in it.

We have all been working so hard this year that we treated ourselves to pancakes this Pancake Tuesday. They were yummy!!