Room 1 – Ms Farrell

April and May have been very busy in fifth class!

Weather Lore

We have recently been exploring the theme of weather across many of our subjects. In Geography and History, we researched different types of weather lore and their meaning. We discovered the meaning behind many different sayings and know what signs to look out for to check if it is going to rain! Take a look at our weather lore posters!

Rain Cloud Experiment

We conducted a science experiment to investigate precipitation. We used a clear jar, water, shaving cream, a pipette and food colouring to conduct our experiment. We discovered that when the rain cloud (shaving cream) became too heavy with water (food colouring) the water (food colouring) begins to break through the cloud and fall as precipitation.

Storm in a Teacup Art

We took inspiration from our theme of weather and created some beautiful 'storm' themed art. We drew a cup, glass or mug and painted a storm inside the object. The results were fabulous and very powerful. Take a look!

Bike Day

We had a wonderful day celebrating bike safety during the month of May. We worked with many different Gardaí and took part in a range of different cycling activities in the G.A.A. It was fantastic to see everyone on their bicycles, a great day for everyone!