Rm 6 – Ms Farrell

The girls have been working hard this December in room 6!

We have been preparing for Christmas through the season of Advent. We have created an Advent space in our classroom where the girls each recorded an Advent promise such as a kind act they will complete during the season of Advent.

The girls also helped to create an Advent wreath in the classroom, using their handprints to create the wreath.

We have been busy creating lots of festive art in room 6! The girls designed and created beautiful paper plate Christmas decorations. Each girl drew their own design and used various colours of paint to add colour to their decorations.

The girls also worked to create wonderful Christmas character decorations using some recycled materials as well as paper, card and ribbon. It was fantastic to see the creativity that went into these decorations, well done to everyone!

Secret Santa

We had our Secret Santa gift giving in room six recently. It was incredible to see the kindness and generosity of each girl through this gift giving. A wonderful sense of Christmas cheer in the room during this time!

Junior Achievers Programme

The girls have been working hard in the Junior Achievers programme. The girls recently worked on a task all about survival and had to work out what items in a survival kit would be most important if they were stranded in the mountains. The girls also worked hard in their groups to carry out some calculations to find out how long they would have to travel to reach the nearest town as part of the task and how long it would take them to get there.

Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Art

We have recently been exploring the artist Vincent Van Gogh and examined a variety of his paintings such as "Sunflowers". The girls created some wonderful and unique flowers inspired by this painting. The girls used bright colours and clear brush strokes just as Van Gogh did in his work when creating their flowers. Each girl also added a range of pieces of fabric and fibre to add some texture to their flowers. The whole class created a bright and beautiful vase of flowers. A lovely and cheerful sight!