Rm 14 – Ms Doyle

We wore our winter woolies to school to raise money for the parents association. In the spirit of things we designed our own winter woolies jumper for The Late Late Toy Show. We took the opportunity to have our very own fashion show to exhibit our wonderful artwork!

In art we explored drawing and printing in response to the lyrics of "Somewhere Only We Know". First we drew a winter scene with pencil and sharpie. We then used washable markers to colour a background on tinfoil. After this we sprayed the tinfoil with water and pressed our page on the tinfoil to transfer the background print onto our pages.

We have been having so much fun in P.E. learning all about gymnastics. We were exploring everything from different ways of travelling, jumping, balancing and much more. In groups we worked collaboratively to create our own sequences using the new gymnastics skills we learned.

We went got out into the fresh air and took the opportunity to explore the new school garden and fairy garden. We had a quick lesson making the most of the new outdoor seating area while the weather was fine. We will definitely be taking the opportunity to come outside to these new areas throughout the year!