Room 15 – Ms Walsh

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In October we started our Aistear play centres. Our four stations were 1. Investigating and blowing bubbles, 2. Writing Halloween potions, 3. Making Haunted Houses and 4. Building ramps and investigating how far a ball could travel from the ramp. The girls really enjoyed these centres and there were some very spooky Halloween potions created with very inventive ingredients! It was challenging to get the ball to travel long distances from the ramp but through trial and error the girls came up with some very good solutions to their problem!
We did loads of fun activities to celebrate Maths Week this year! We went on a Maths trail around the school, made weird and wonderful 2-D shape creatures, and used our 'maths eyes' to find patterns and shapes in our classroom, school and local environment. Can you see the pattern we created using our teeth in this photo?
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We had a great day celebrating Halloween before we finished up for the mid-term break! Our classroom was transformed into a spooky setting with witches, skeletons, ninjas, devils, scary teenagers, princesses, clowns and vampires! We sang Halloween songs, recited Halloween poems, went on a witch walk and even did some impressive dance moves too! We finished up the day watching the film 'The Little Vampire' which we all really enjoyed.
In Senior Infants we all wrote books for the 'Write A Book' competition but due to COVID-19, we never got to have our books judged. Instead, Miss McAuley's first class judged our storybooks and we judged their books. We had great fun judging the books and picking winners based on pictures, stories and the writing. Miss. Walsh was so proud of the hard work we did last year and was so impressed with the stories we had written. We were all so delighted to have an award ceremony and to receive prizes for our hard work!
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To celebrate Science Week this year, we made lava lamps using bottles, olive oil, food colouring, water, and fizzing tablets. It was so cool to make predictions and to see what happens when we add extra oil, water and fizzing tablet. We were also learning about the five senses; touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. Miss Walsh brought in some fruit for us to try and to focus on the five senses before, during and after eating. Some people even discovered that they liked banana which they did not like when they tasted before!
We have been learning all about money. We designed our own shops and decided what we wanted to sell in our shops and we got to label our items for sale too. Then we got to take turns being the customer and the shopkeeper. We had a lot of fun!

In November and December we learned about remembering the dead and learning about saints such as St. Thérése of Lisieux whose motto was 'do the little things with great love'.

We made coloured in stained glass pictures and held a prayer service to remember the dead. We also got to make our own single decade rosary beads using string, paper crosses and colourful beads and got to practice the 'Our Father' and 'Hail Mary' prayers using our rosary beads.

Happy Christmas from 1st Class Room 15!

We made rainbows of hope to celebrate and mark the things we did at home during lockdown, the things we are looking forward to back in school and things which we are looking forward to once lockdown is over. They were so much fun to make and such a colourful addition to the hall too!


This year Engineers Week took place from February 7th - March 5th. One of the things which we did in the classroom to mark this week was making bridges using copybooks, textbooks, paper and coins. Our goal was to see how many coins (weight) our bridges (made from paper) would hold without collapsing. We really enjoyed this activity and it was amazing to see all the different ways people went about making their bridges stronger to support more weight!

From all of us here in Room 15, Happy Easter! We made beautiful bunny rabbit headbands to mark the occasion.

After Easter we started doing G.A.A. football coaching with John and this will continue until June. We have been improving our catching and kicking skills, as well as our teamwork skills