Room 10 – Ms Moore

The first thing we did in Room 10 was to make it a GERM FREE ZONE!!! We learned all about viruses and germs. We created the colourful germs you see over our heads to remind us to be Safe in School !!!

We learned about Pointillism style art and we created our own Autumn Pointillism trees using cotton buds. They turned out lovely!!

We really enjoyed reading a novel about Hedgehogs during Autumn. "The Hodgeheg" by Dick King Smith tells the story of Max the hedgehog trying to cross the road safely. We sang the Safe Cross Code song. When we were finished the book we discussed our favourite parts of the story and wrote our Book Reviews.

In November we are remember all the holy Souls who have gone to heaven especially members of our own family. We drew their portraits and hung them in our sacred space.

2nd Class explored how Christmas is celebrated in various countries around the World and compared their celebrations with our Christmas Traditions.

In our History we compared Old and New Toys. Toys are very different now to when our parents were young! We read the beautiful story of The Velveteen Rabbit. We did lovely pictures of toys to illustrate.