Room 4 – Ms Barrett

We are very excited to be in Senior Infants. We will have a great year!

We painted our self portraits in September.


We love to read in Senior Infants. We dressed up as our favourite characters and brought our books to school.  Have a look at us!

Don't we look great! 

Our class is so lucky! We won a #biggrow kit from GIY and Innocent. Inside our pack was pea seeds, carrot seeds and cress seeds. There was also some growing cups and potting compost. We are going to be learning so much about growing seeds over the next few weeks. We will learn about what plants need to grow and about the life cycle of a plant. We will be observing our plants growing and record how they are doing. We will even do an experiment to see what conditions are the best for seeds to grow.

Watch this space for all our BIG grow updates!

Plants need lots of things to grow. We learned they need sun, water, soil, air, space, warmth and a safe place to grow. Have a look at some of our work.

We listed four things that plants need to grow and drew lovely plants in the flower pot.

First we put the potting compost into the planting cups. Our teacher helped to add water to the cups so the compost would expand. It was like magic!

We put potting compost in our potting cups.

We put potting compost in our potting cups.

Next we added some pea seeds into our cups.

Planting Pea Seeds

When we planted all of our seeds we put them on the window sill so that they get good light, warmth and are safe. We keep them watered too so they don't dry out. We can wait to see them start to grow!

We put our peas in a safe place.

We put our peas in a safe place.

Did you know that when you cut a pepper in half it has the same shape as a shamrock?

We used peppers and carved out potatoes in the shape of a shamrock for our St. Patrick's Day art.

We made St. Patrick's Day wind socks.

First we printed shamrock shapes on pieces of card. Next we glued strips of crepe paper in green, white and orange onto the bottom. Then we stapled the card and handles together.

Shamrock Printing

Shamrock Printing

Shamrock Printing

Shamrock Printing

Shamrock Printing

Shamrock Printing

Finally we went outside to test our wind socks. It was so much fun!

Testing Our Windsocks

Testing Our Windsocks

Testing Our Windsocks

We are learning about the life cycle of a pea.

First you plant the seed in soil.

Second it germinates.

Third it grows roots and shoots.

Then is grows leaves.

Next is grows flowers.

Last is grows fruit - the peas.

Have a look at our lovely work!

The Life Cycle of a Pea

How a Seed Grows

I'm so hap-pea to share this picture of Millie's Peas! Ms. Barrett is mind them for her for now but hopefully Millie will be able to get her plant back soon. 

Can you see three pea pods growing? One of them is nearly ready for eating. Yum!

Have a look at Gabija's pea plant. There is a big long pea pod on it! Hopefully soon there will be some peas ready to eat!

Look at the long pea pod on the plant!

Naiala is doing a great job looking after her pea plant too.

Naiala is minding her peas so well!

Some of the peas are ready to eat! Méabh and Aoife have harvested their peas.

This year we are doing Active Schools Week at home! Have a look at some of the great activities senior infants have been getting up to! Well done girls for being so active 🙂 

Emily is roller blading!

Aoife and Emily with their teddies.

Aoife and Emily are on an adventure.

Aoife and Emily are playing outside for active home week.

Aoife and Emily are searching for fairies on their walk.

Aoife and Emily are exploring Clane.

Holly is doing yoga for active home week.

Holly is doing a wonderful tree pose

Saoirse is great at climbing trees!

Saoirse is being active outside!

Isobel is playing hopscotch

Isobel jumping playing hopscotch

Isobel is playing football and saving goals!

Good save Isobel!

Isobel and her Dad playing football!

Naiala is kicking her ball.

Naiala is cycling

Naiala and her brother Tommy doing the wheelbarrow!

At home we read about Mr. Grumpy's Outing. He carried a lot of animals on his boat but it began to wobble and then it capsized.

We had to design and construct a boat that Mr. Grumpy could use for is animals. Here are some of the results!

Esme's Boat

Naiala's Boat Floats!

Naiala and Tommy Testing the Boat

Naiala with her Boat

Laura's Boat

Saoirse's boat is filling up with animals!

Saoirse's Boat is Floating

At home we learned about rainbows. We tried to make our very own rainbow grow by using markers, paper and water. Look how cool our rainbows turned out!

Saoirse's Rainbow

Holly's Rainbow Experiment

Laura's Rainbow Experiment

Naiala's Rainbow Experiment

Saoirse's Rainbow Experiment

Millie's Rainbow Experiment

We also did some beautiful Rainbow Art!

Naiala's Rainbow

Gabija's Flower Rainbow

Saoirse's Rainbow

Laura's Rainbow