Room 3 – Ms Heneghan

Here is what we have been getting up to at home while the school has been closed.

Caoileann has been enjoying getting some fresh air and doing her school work. She even met a deer on her travels!


Arabella wrapped up warm for the cold weather and had fun in the snow and sun.

Ella and Grace got all geared up and went looking for reeds to make their fantastic St. Brigids' crosses. Looking good girls.

Grace make a very small and cute snowman. Well done Grace.

After all that walking, Ella needed to take a little rest against a tree.

Millie got herself a new set of wheels. Glad to see safety first with your helmet Millie. Enjoy all the adventures your new bike takes you on.

While Sadie worked really hard on her school work, she also made time to try out her baking talents. Looking very professional in your apron Sadie! What a cool playdoh set you have. I hope you both had fun.