Room 11 – Ms Carberry

We were learning about the Russian artist Kadinsky. He was an abstract painter. He believed colours had souls. He loved to listen to music as he painted. We looked at and responded to his painting "Squares with Concentric Circles." We enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing. Look at our paintings "Trees with Concentric Circles."

We were busy baking for a very special Bake Sale in aid of Barretstown Children's Charity. Our school raised 989.20 euro for this worthy cause. We were delighted to be part of it.

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. We brought in our favourite book from home. We set up a special lending library where we can borrow some of our friends'  recommended reads! We dressed up as our favourite book characters....look who came to visit!!!

Anne of Green Gables...


A scientist....

The Three Little Pigs....

Amelia Jane.....

Pc. Plank.....

Matilda, Miss Honey and Mrs Wormwood......


Tom Gates' friend Amy Porter..

Xar and Wish from the Wizards of Once.....

Mia from the Neverland Girls....

Paloma the Dodgem Fairy...

Beth from The Enchanted Wood....

Jill from the Tree House....

Robin from The Midnight Gang....

Elsie from The Ice Monster....

Kayla from The Meanwhile Adventures....

It is International Women's Day on March 8th. We had to research a female role model who inspires us. There are so many to choose from! Malala, Katie Piper, Our Mums, Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, Billie Eilish are just some that we selected..

Here's to Strong Women,

May we know them,

May we raise them,

May we BE them!

We enjoyed our Ceili in the Hall. Ms. May taught us "Shoo The Donkey"

Here we are getting ready for our St. Patrick's Day Prayer Service. We told the story of St. Patrick. We sang "Hail Glorious St. Patrick" and "St. Patrick's Song".

Due to the on-going Covid-19 crisis schools had to close on March 12th. We know it is to keep safe and to keep others safe. We are trying to follow teacher's suggestions for the time we stay at home... Here are just some of the other ways we are keeping busy...You might get some ideas!

I'm enjoying catching up with pets!!

We start our day with Joe Wicks PE class!

I'm really enjoying "Elevenses with David Walliams".

I'm enoying plenty of horse-riding!

Only after the work is done!!

I like to do some colouring too.

I've been enjoying my birthday!

I love playing with my dog Oscar.

We love finding new ways to be Artistic!

We had fun decorating eggs at Easter.

We went on an Easter Egg hunt too.

We make sure to get out for some exercise!

I love doing Art while we are staying safe at home - Ellie

Tech Week Ireland @TechWeekIRL

Congratulations! We are delighted to announce that from all the amazing Design An App submissions, Rachel, 10 is prize winner for her “Sight App”. Using technology to scan objects, the app will inform users what the object is and some background information

We could not be prouder of you Rachel..Huge congratulations!! What an amazing achievement. Well done.

We have been learning about the Celts while we've been staying at home! Look at some of our wonderful projects. We are enjoying doing our own research to find out interesting facts.

Download (PPTX, 1.17MB)

We had to make a diorama of somewhere that we would like to go when this is over...

Faye - The Beach

Nathamon - H and M

Nicole - The River Liffey Walk

Aoife - The Beach

Ania - Poland

Nicole - The Beach

Ruby - The big swing in Donadea Forest

Elizabeth - Scoil Bhride

Lauren - A picnic with my family

Sophie - Funtasia Waterpark

Ciara - Having Sleepovers with my Friends.

We had to invent an image for the Coronavirus and write sentences as if we were the virus itself...

We want to send some messages of love to those we are missing....

Lady with an Ermine - Leonardo da Vinci

Girl with a Pearl Earring -Vermeer

The Singing Horseman by Jack B Yeats

Ophelia by Sir John Millais

A Hare in the Forest by Hans Hoffmann

We have been learning about Banksy. He is a British street artist. We looked at a powerpoint and saw examples of some of his work.

We looked and responded to his latest piece of art. It is called

"Game Changer"

He plays tribute to "superhero" nurses in his new piece and has donated it to a hospital. It shows a boy playing with the new superheroes of today..a nurse..while Batman and Spiderman are left in the basket.

Our task was to look and respond to the work of Banksy and to create our own tribute to the doctors and nurses of Ireland and around the world.

By Ellie

By Sophie

By Ania

By Aibhe

By Lauren

By Nicole A. B.

By Nathamon

Mary Berry would be proud of the baking going on in Clane!! Indeed some girls deserve a Paul Hollywood handshake for their delicious creations in the kitchen!!

Warning....the following photos may cause you to drool!!

By Zara

By Sophie

Look at this chef busy at work!!

More Star Bakers!

May is the month of Mary. Look at the May Altars we have made at home.

We looked at using Nature to make our own works of art.

Andy Goldsworthy  is an artist that makes land art and sculptures using nature around him.

We had to make our own pieces of art using objects from nature.


The Granny Who Likes to Party!

The Little Scurrier

The Flower Girl

The Boat of Joy

This week we have been learning about the Solar System...Our challenge in art was to make our own Rocket out of materials found in our home...Here are some of our work....

By Aoife...

By Kali..

By Emma ....

By Amy..

By Ruby...

By Wiktoria..

By Sophie...

By Ciara...

By Ania...

By Nicole A Byrne...

By Maria...

By Annamae...

Look at this rocket in flight!

This week we are entering a "Positivity Rocks" Competition...We had to find a rock and decorate it with a lovely inspiring and positive word or message. We then had to decide where we would like to put our rock so that passers by can see.

Here are just some of our wonderful entries so far....

by Kali...

by Ania..

by Faye...

by Sophie..

by Ruby...

by Emma...

by Maria...

by Ciara....

by Nicole A Byrne..

By Lauren...

by Elizabeth...

by Rachel....

We are reading Under The Hawthorn Tree together using Microsoft Teams. It is a great opportunity to read this wonderful story and to see each other too!! In the novel, Eily is now wondering whether she has made the right decision...maybe they should go to the workhouse...?

We discussed Workhouses and wrote these poems too. We hope you get a sense of what the Workhouses were really like..

By Ruby..

By Ciara...

By Nicole A Byrne..

By Aoife.....

By Emma...

By Aibhe....

By Wiktoria..

By Kali..

By Sophie...

By Annamae..

And a Sensory Poem by Ania...

This week we have been learning all about Vikings. We have been learning about their way of life, their food and drink and also about their writing.

We had to write our name using the Viking alphabet and also write a secret message to our friend! Enjoy!

We also watched a powerpoint on what the Vikings would have had to eat and drink...We had to design our own Viking Menus...

Now you too can eat like a Viking!

We had to create a Viking longship in Art...Prepare to be amazed...

We had to work on our own Space Project at Home. We could choose ..

The Solar System, Space Travel, Research a planet of our Choice, An Astronaut of our Choice or choose to do a something about Space that interests us...

I think they are out of this world!!

By Nicole

Download (PPTX, 1.98MB)

By Kali

Download (PPTX, 16.78MB)

By Aoife

Download (PPTX, 173KB)

By Sophie

By Ellie

Download (PPTX, 2.08MB)

By Emma

By Wiktoria

By Ruby

By Nathamon

A woman is using Lego to teach her children about social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cat Cook has two children, one boy aged seven, who has a history of severe respiratory problems and she has a daughter aged four.

She is using the lego to make sure they understand the importance of social distancing as her son is high risk.

We had to create our own lego scene to explain social distancing to children and adults alike!!

By Elizabeth

By Ania

By Kali

By Sophie

By Ellie

By Lauren

By Aoife

By Aibhe

By Emma

By Wiktoria

By Ruby "I do like Mondays"

Shops re-open Monday 8th June!

By Nicole

By Annamae

By Ciara

For Art we had to make our own Face mask or covering. We watched a video with a suggested way of making our own face covering using a sock..Then we set off to work!

In the news this week, we were introduced to three cheetah cubs that had been born on St. Patrick's Day. We entered a competition to name the Cheetahs!!

We then had to think of our favourite animal that are  on the endangered, threatened or vulnerable list.

Lion by Maria

Panda by Nicole P

Lynx by Nicole A Byrne

Cheetah by Ania

Snow Leopard by Aoife

Orange Bellied Parrot by Sophie

Elephant by Kali

Red Squirrel by Ruby

Tiger by Wiktoria

Fox by Lauren

Cheetah by Annamae

We have been working on the theme of The Garden this week...We have been busy making bird feeders and bird houses to hang in our gardens!

By Sophie

By Ania

By Nicole

By Kali

By Ciara

By Ruby

Continuing with our Garden theme..we have been learning how to make daisy chains!

We watched the trailer a movie which will be released shortly. It is called "The Secret Garden" and is a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

We had to design our own Secret Garden.

By Annamae

By Aoife

By Emma

By Kali

By Nicole P

By Sophie

By Ania

By Wiktoria

By Nicole

By Lauren

By Ruby

By Ciara

The girls followed an art tutorial online and came up with these wonderful pictures. Happy Fathers' Day from all the girls in Room 11!!

By Annamae

By Aoife

By Kali

By Ruby

By Sophie

By Emma

By Wiktoria

By Ania

Look what a lucky dad in Clane got for Fathers' Day!

As we were working on the theme of The Garden, we were given the challenge to create our own little Fairy Garden...The girls have done so well..

By Sophie

By Kali

By Ruby

By Ciara

By Aoife

By Annamae

By Nicole AB

By Faye

Healthy Eating is an important part of Well-being..We had to help to make something healthy and very yummy this week...

Mixed Berry Smoothie by Kali

Fruit Kebabs by Ciara

Look who has been very busy making banana bread..

And healthy strawberry and banana pancakes!!

A delicious breakfast smoothie!

Healthy Platter by Faye

Tuna Salad by Emma

Apple Kebabs by Annamae

We had to make healthy choices when planning a healthy lunch..

By Wiktoria

By Kali

By Sophie

By Nicole A B

By Ciara

Exercise can help relieve stress and promotes a sense of  Well-being. This week we are doing our Sports Day @home...


Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment. We meditated and did some mindful challenges and mindful colouring...

By Aoife

A Positive Mindset can help our Well-being

The Reflection in Me by Nicole A B

By Ania

Our Happy lists.

By Ania

Nicole A B


Friendships can help our Well-being

Look at our Forever Friends...

We made Friendship bracelets

by Kali

by Annamae

by Ania


We made wanted posters to find a  best friend..we had to think carefully about the qualities we were looking for in a friend..




We looked back on our webpage and thought about our favourite memories from Fourth Class...

by Kali

by Sophie

by Annamae

by Nicole A B

by Ania