This policy explains in detail how we foster positive relationships in the school, both teacher/pupil relationships and pupil/pupil relationships. It also outlines the procedures and practices followed in the case of bullying. We encourage children and parents to inform us, at the earliest possible opportunity, of any concerns you may have in this area. Early intervention is crucial.

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The new Child Safeguarding Statement came into effect on the 11th of March 2018.

The Designated Liaison Person, D.L.P., is Eimear Hennessy, Principal Teacher.

Our Deputy Designated Liaison Person, D.D.L.P., is MaryRose Maybury, Deputy Principal.
Please refer to this Policy if you have any concerns for the safety of your own child or another child in the school.

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Our Code of Behaviour outlines our approach to discipline throughout the school. We place a huge emphasis on positive reinforcement and the importance of involving children in the “ Class Contract”, where children and teacher draw up class rules collaboratively. In this document you will also find a list of rules for classroom, corridor, playground, sports and tours.

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This Policy deals with the manner in which children are enrolled in our school. It gives details of when and how to enrol your daughter with us.

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All parents should refer to the Homework Policy from time to time. It gives tips for parents and guidelines on recommended times for each class.

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Children are allowed to bring mobile phones to school. The phone must be powered off outside the gate in the morning. It must be handed up to teacher in the classroom. Phones are stored in a locked filing cabinet in each classroom and handed back to the children at home time. The phones can be turned on outside the school gate.

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