Room 5 Ms Barrett

Oxygen is a special part of the air and it is very important for life.

Even though oxygen is an invisible gas, its presence can be demonstrated by doing a simple experiment.

First we cut a small piece off a leafy plant. We put it in a jar of water and stood it upside down in a basin of water. Over a couple of days we observed the plant carefully. By the fourth day we saw tiny bubbles of oxygen form on the the leaves and stem of the plant.

Plants make oxygen for us. The plant gives off oxygen through tiny pores in its leaves. So cool!!

Jack B Yeats is a famous Irish painter. We studied some of his later pieces, looking closely at his brush strokes, use of colour and how he liked to reminisce about his younger days spent in Sligo.

We thought about places we’ve been to and places that are special to use. We painted some beautiful pictures of our happy memories just like Jack B Yeats.


Brrrr! Winter is cold! We talked about the appropriate clothes we wear during winter and what kind of materials they are made from. We would wear woolly jumpers and hats and scarfs but definitely not shorts and flip flops!

After we designed our own winter clothing collections! Here are some pictures of us hard at work.

Winter is such a cold time of year. We thought about some of our favourite hot drinks that keep up warm and cosy.

Next we looked at some artworks by Folk Artist Heather Galler. She uses lots of lines, shapes and colour to paint ordinary everyday things that she sees.

Looking at her work inspired us to do our own “Folk Art” pictures. We drew our favourite hot drinks and just like Heather Galler we used lines and shapes to fill the spaces. We used oil pastels to colour them in.

Have a look at our fantastic work!

Dancing is such a fun way to get moving and keep active.

We are learning some groovey moves to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’.

Just look how great we are!

We love to read in 2nd class. Each week we get DEAR time. That means we Drop Everything And Read for 10 minutes.

We can sit where ever is comfortable around the room!